Bench to Clinic

EVF has successfully supported the development of a number of HIV vaccine candidates from bench to clinic.

One of these candidates, a DNA based vaccine (DNA-HIV-PT123), designed by University of Regensburg, Germany, is now under evaluation in a phase IIB trial in Sub-Saharan Africa PrEPVacc.

The other vaccine platform EVF has been supporting is the poxvirus-based vaccine candidate, in particular NYVAC. NYVAC is a highly attenuated vaccinia virus strain and has been used as a vector not just for HIV/AIDS vaccines but also for vaccines against other infectious diseases. In addition to the replicating deficient NYVAC vector, funded by Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD) and in collaboration with Arizona State University, development of replication competent NYVAC vector is also under way. 

The development of DNA and NYVAC was initially funded by the European Commission 5th Framework Programs, and more recently funded by the CAVD of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).