Scientific Program

The primary focus of EVF's scientific program is on facilitating translational research from discovery to early phase I/II clinical development.

Discovery Program

With regard to the discovery program, EuroVacc’s lead vaccine platform is poxvirus-based vaccine, in particular NYVAC. The discovery program is carried out in collaboration with EuroVacc’s industrial partner Sanofi Pasteur and other academic partners

Clincal Development Program

With regard to the clinical development program, EuroVacc has sponsored or co-sponsored multiple phase I/II clinical trials in Europe and Africa, in both prophylactic and therapeutic settings. These trials are funded and co-funded by European Commission 5th and 7th Framework Programs, Agence nationale de recherches sur le sida et les hépatites virales (ANRS) of Inserm, International HIV Vaccine Trial Network (IAVI), and HIV Vaccine Trial Network(HVTN)/National Institute of Health (NIH).