About EuroVacc

EuroVacc Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2002, building on the research program “European Vaccine Effort Against HIV/AIDS” funded by the European Commission.

EuroVacc’s core activity

EuroVacc’s core activity is to facilitate the development of vaccine candidates through early clinical trials, to enable early identification of the promising vaccine candidates and eliminate candidates unlikely to succeed in the clinic, with the ultimate goal to reduce the development risks and accelerate the advancement of the promising candidates to large clinical trials.

EuroVacc’s primary objectives

icon-aidsPromote HIV vaccine research
To promote vaccine research against HIV and other infectious diseases by bridging the strength of academic research groups with industrial expertise

icon-crossFacilitate and support phase I & II clinical trials in Europe
To facilitate and support phase I & II clinical trials in Europe to expedite translational research from discovery to clinical development;

icon-earthPartner with other international initiative
To partner with other international initiatives and industry for down-stream development and phase IIb/III trials.