Clinical Trials

EuroVacc has sponsored or co-sponsored multiple phase I/II clinical trials in Europe and Africa, in both prophylactic and therapeutic settings. The lead candidates in EuroVacc’s clinical program is based on DNA and NYVAC combination.

Our Trials

These trials are funded and co-funded by European Commission 5th and 7th Framework Programs, Agence nationale de recherches sur le sida et les hépatites virales (ANRS) of Inserm, International HIV Vaccine Trial Network (IAVI), and HIV Vaccine Trial Network(HVTN)/National Institute of Health (NIH).

Discovery Program

EuroVacc’s lead vaccine platform is poxvirus-based vaccine candidate, in particular NYVAC. NYVAC is a highly attenuated vaccinia virus strain and has been used as a vector not just for HIV/AIDS vaccines but also for vaccines against other infectious diseases.

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