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In Memoriam

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

It is with profound consternation and sadness that we join the HIV community to condole the tragic death of Dr. Joep Lange and his companion Jacqueline van Tongeren in the criminal plane crash of Malaysia flight 17. As many others scientists on the plane, Joep and Jacqueline were heading to Melbourne to attend the International AIDS Conference.

Joep had been a central figure in the HIV field for the past 30 years since the early onset of HIV/AIDS. His contributions to the field had been paramount. He had been one of the major players in the development and implementation of antiretroviral therapy. He had been a strong advocate in the implementation of antiretroviral therapy in Africa. He was also one of the Principal Investigators of the well-known Amsterdam cohort which has contributed to the HIV field with seminal observations to the understanding of the natural history of HIV infection and with the design of clinical studies evaluating novel combinations of antiretroviral drugs. More recently, he became a strong advocate in the HIV prevention and vaccine field.

Joep was the former President of the IAS, he was Professor of medicine, Head of the Department of Global Health at the Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam, Executive Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD).

The HIV field and the field of medicine have lost a great scientist, an outstanding physician and a passionate advocate for the health of mankind. He will be missed but we will ensure that his principles and values continue to guide us.

EuroVacc Board


The EuroVacc secretariat in the Netherlands has been hosted by the AIGHD since 2004. Our deep condolances for the tragic event. View statement on aighd.org


A personal tribute to Joep Lange, from Frans van den Boom, former Director of IAVI European Office, Consultant to EuroVacc Foundation

The passing away of Joep and Jacqueline hit me as lightning. I have been working with Joep for more than 25 years. Joep was always looking for integral solutions to HIV/Aids. In addition to his endless effort and energy to secure global access to treatment, he also advocated for the development and implementation of other interventions, such as microbicides and - therapeutic - vaccins. and contributed to the development of delivery, insurance, and research infrastructure. His contributions to Eurovacc and IAVI have been critical and were as always aimed at building bridges and finding solutions as fast as possible.

Joep was such a gentle man who found a partner for life in Jacqueline. I will miss them both.


A personal tribute to Jacqueline van Tongeren from Song Ding, the Program Officer of EuroVacc Foundation:

Jose asked me if I could write something about Jacqueline in her memory. The word “memory” hit me like a stone and brought tears to my eyes. The simple fact is that it is impossible to accept that she is gone, that I will never see her sailing into her office with her usual grace and elegance, will never hear her laughter through the corridor, will never be able to exchange our worries and accomplishments in work and in life with her.

Jacqueline was the most beautiful, gentle and warm hearted person I know. Jacqueline always smiled – in good times and bad times. I had never seen her losing temper, no matter how distressed she could be. That’s how she had accompanied Joep all these years as a colleague and a partner - with her serenity, steadfastness and determination. More than once I heard Joep concluding a talk with the sentence “Thank you Jacqueline, for organizing my life!”

Jacqueline was not only always there ready to help, she would go out of her way to help. Ten years ago, I was looking for an institution that could host me by providing an office and other support. Many people nodded their heads without commitment. It was Jacqueline who extended her hands and said ldquo;Come to us – of course we have a place for you!”. Since then, she and Joep had been providing me with the “shelter”, and it was again she who had made the “shelter” like a home.

Jacqueline, my dear friend, you will be deeply missed!